Bibimbap Charlotte Street

10 Charlotte Street | London | W1T 2LT | 020 7323 6890


Bibimbap Charlotte Street is located near to Goodge Street Station on Charlotte Street. This is our second restaurant to have opened in the capital, the first branch opening up in Soho in 2011.

Bibimbap is Korea’s national dish and we have always aimed to help bring Korean food into the spotlight as an affordable tasty meal. The great dish was is traditionally designed to be easily created as comfort food without all the fuss.

Spicy pork bibimbap

The accompanying sauces that will come with your bibimbap is a red bottle called gochujang which is a red pepper paste. It’s tasty and will give your dish a kick so mind how much you spray onto your food. The best way is to apply small amounts at a time before going crazy on the sauces. It’s not quite on a Tabasco level of heat, its more similar to medium hot peri peri sauce at Nanados.

The second bottle that you will get is a yellow one that contains a house made miso suace. This isn’t a spicy sauce as its designed to add a salty flavour to your dish, similar to a soya sauce.

Our Charlotte Street restaurant is based on what is already a great location for restaurants such as Roka and Wahacca. Have a look at some of the other treats that you will find on Charlotte Street.

Bibimbap has come up with a modern twist to bibimbaps and incorporated them into our brilliantly affordable menu.