Bibimbap Charlotte Street

10 Charlotte Street | London | W1T 2LT | 020 7323 6890


Fillet Beef

Strips of raw seasoned beef fillet that cooks once mixed in the stone bowl (hot stone only)


Mixed Seafood

Marinated seafood with soy and vegetables (hot stone only)


Spicy Pork

Pork strips marinated with spices and soy, with vegetables


Beef Bool-Go-Gi

Specially marinated beef strips with vegetables


Chilli Chicken

Marinated in chilli, garlic and soy sauce with julienned vegetables



Ginseng, ginko, dates, goji berry, chesnut with vegetables


Mixed Mushroom

Shitake, white, oyster, black with vegetables



Soya tofu with mixed vegetables



Traditional Korean pickled cabbage with vegetables


Dol Sot

Julienned cucumber, daikon, bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, mooli and fried egg.